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Cocktail Workshop

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Brand VIPs Cocktail Workshop


Y Cocktail & Mocktail team hosted an engaging cocktail workshop at Moiselle's store. Customers were thrilled to participate, enjoying the unique opportunity to create cocktails that perfectly matched Moiselle's fashion series. The lively event brought laughter and excitement as attendees learned the art of mixology while indulging their creative side. It was a memorable occasion where fashion and cocktails intertwined, leaving participants with a newfound appreciation for the seamless blend of style and taste.

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Hysan pop up store

Team Building Cocktail Workshop


Y Cocktail & Mocktail team organized a team-building workshop for a financial institute at a hotel, creating an unforgettable experience. Laughter and joy filled the air as participants engaged in interactive activities, learning the art of mixology together. From crafting delicious cocktails to exploring mocktail creations, the event fostered teamwork and camaraderie. The lively atmosphere, combined with the hotel's ambiance, added to the overall enjoyment of the workshop, leaving everyone with cherished memories of a fun-filled and successful team-building experience.



Cocktail Workshop


Objective | Strengthen team bonding

Cocktail workshop can be a creative team-building activity for corporates’ staff to interact with each other, share an interesting experience and strengthen their bonding.

Stephenson Harwood

Cocktail Competition

Objective |

Creative Problem Solving Skill &Collaboration Exercise

Cocktail competition can be an extra-ordinary experience for your guests and staff to communicate, to interact and to unlock their creativity.

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